Strip Heater 500

Product Code: 490-158

Ideal for simple and small work.Designed with safety in mind and ease of use.  

Operates on the hot wire principle, producing a precise heat that gives a sharp bend. Heating wire protected by a clear plastic guard. Will bend sheets up to 500mm wide and 6mm thick.

This equipment has been included in the ATEQ range because it fulfils our selection criteria: 

  • be designed for educational use
  • be the safest version of its type
  • be as easy to use as possible
  • be tested in classrooms around the world
  • maximise opportunities for direct student use
  • maximise the process of learning through making
Price on application 



  • 500mm (20in) working length
  • Folds 1-4mm (0.04-0.16in) thick material
  • 1 heat setting
  • Single wire capacity for tight accurate bends
  • Guarded hot wire for safety



  • Folding Jig FJ0600/1000/1500
  • Folding Jig FJ01


This video of the 1000S will give you an idea of how well the 500 works: