Injection Moulder

Product Code: CR25

female mould (in two or more pieces) is manufactured from heat proof material. Granulated plastic is heated to its molten state and then pressed (injected) into the mould. After cooling the mould is taken apart and the plastic component removed.

Provides a clear demonstration of injection moulding principles, whilst producing dense, production quality mouldings up to 25 grammes. 

This equipment has been included in the ATEQ range because it fulfils our selection criteria: 

  • be designed for educational use
  • be the safest version of its type
  • be as easy to use as possible
  • be tested in classrooms around the world
  • maximise opportunities for direct student use
  • maximise the process of learning through making
Price on application 



  • Temperature controlled heating barrel
  • Rack & pinion ram
  • Over-centre mould closing system
  • Automatic product releasing system
  • Calibrated ram to assist in determining product volumes
  • Supplied with 2kg of PE granules
Product  Code Price(excl.GST)
Blank Mould CR25M00 $400.00
Wheel Mould CR25M01 $400.00
Paperclip Mould CR25M02 $400.00
Golf Tee Mould CR25M03 $400.00
Screwdriver Mould CR25M04 $400.00