Plastic Granulator R25

Product Code: R25

Schred is an in-house recycling system. Use most types of plastic.

Ideally suited to HDPE and LDPE (the materials most milk bottles are made from), HIPS (vacuum forming sheets).  The Schred R25 granulates the plastic waste ready for the heat press.

The R25 Schredder chips plastic material into small pieces. This reduces the volume of waste by up to 95%, and also creates a re-usable material. Re-form the shredded material into new plastic sheet using the R30 Sheet Press. It forms the chipped plastic into new sheets of material ready for use.


This equipment has been included in the ATEQ range because it fulfils our selection criteria: 

  • be designed for educational use
  • be the safest version of its type
  • be as easy to use as possible
  • be tested in classrooms around the world
  • maximise opportunities for direct student use
  • maximise the process of learning through making
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